ACUGEMS presents
Vibrational Quantum Medicine


Dr. Aracely Plateroti is the founder of internationally acclaimed brand: ACUGEMS.

The first branch of ACUGEMS was founded in 2003 and patented in 2008 in Santa Barbara, Ca. Today, ACUGEMS is rooted in many influential communities including The United States, Italy, France, Dubai and Russia. The Devices launched by ACUGEMS include:
1.  2007-VENUS Microcurrent Beauty Device (Sold MD's, O.M.D's, LAc.)
2. 2008-VENUS Radio Frequency Beauty Device (Sold MD's, O.M.D's, LAc.)
3. 2019-THE NEW ARAVIBE integrative Vibrational Quantum Gem Device. The new ARAVIBE will be exclusively at the Vibe Med Spa.  ARAVIBE meaning: Heavenly Vibration. (Only Available at Dr. Aracely and coming soon to Vibe Med Spa locations throughout the world).

Vibe Med Spa, which is the culmination of over 20 years of Dr. Aracely Integrative Medical Expertise in collaboration with Dr. Carmelo Plateroti at the Plateroti Center for Integrative Medicine. Vibe Med Spa is a fusion of Dr. Aracely’s Breakthrough ACUGEMS Technologies with potent Vibrational Medicine Rejuvenation and Spa Quality Relaxation.

Vibrational Medicine is the medicine of the future and is known to deliver an enjoyable experience with non-invasive, fast and powerful results.

“Along with the Branch of ACUGEMS known as Vibe Med Spa, we are launching a significant selection of deeply refined and completely new therapies, exclusively at the Vibe Med Spa”

These therapies specialize in Detoxification, Weight Loss, Hormone Balancing, Facial Rejuvenation, Breast Health, Emotional Harmony and Positive Perspective.