The latest breakthrough in Beauty.
True vibrancy from within.
Outer Beauty Inner Power

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Fulfilling a lifelong dream of creating products that focus on enhancing health and nourishing the human spirit, to bring about outer beauty inner power,  Dr. Aracely Plateroti, O.M.D. Ph.D., Founded ACUGEMS™ in 2003 in Santa Barbara, Ca.  Dr.  Aracely has specialized in Vibrational Medicine with acupuncture and gems for over 20 years in Dermatology Aesthetics.  Her passion for beauty, vibrant living & wellness lead her to develop ARAVIBE FACIAL SCAN™ by ACUGEMS in collaboration with visionaries in Quantum Medicine Bio-Energetic Technologies. Creating the ideal treatment for Energy LOVE Beauty. Providing this cutting edge treatment exclusively to the Stars.

Encourage Collagen Production.
Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles.
Firm Skin Tone.
Vibrant Youthful Skin.
Rejuvenated Mind and Body.
Hormone Balance.
Vibrant Living.
Weight Loss.

How It Works
An exciting Aravibe Facial Scan breakthrough modality combining gems, custom quantum frequencies, sound, Medicine, Vibrational Quantum Gem technology and a heart felt treatment .  Aravibe Facial Scan™ unique protocols works with the body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself.  The change occurs from within.

Aravibe Facial Scan™ incorporates the healing properties of gemstones and Vibrational Quantum Medicine into the facial scan protocol of each patient.  By using specific acupuncture points on the face, neck, and body, meridians are stimulated by the patented Acugems helix design and Aravibe technology.  Aravibe Vibrational Quantum Gem Technology works on a very simple principle, Bio-energetic testing at specific acupuncture points on the face and signal transfer.  Aravibe is effectively ‘asking the body a question’ and obtaining the response directly from the body’s own physiology, without engaging the conscious and language centers of the mind/body. For best results ideal treatment plan are 7 treatments with a minimum of 3 treatments one month apart. Treatments require intake of current concerns, scan analysis and frequency transfer, total time is 90 minutes per treatment.

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Why Use The Face For Evaluation
Face Evaluation originated in China nearly 3,000 years ago. Originally, this medical art was practiced by Taoist monk healers. Today, innovative Eastern practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) use face reading in their diagnostic practices. Health issues manifest on different areas of the face through premature aging before they manifest at the corresponding organs.

In Chinese Medicine Face examination can identify 70% of a person’s health problems. The most wonderful aspect of this diagnostic philosophy is that it can be used to prevent illness. Experts say the health conditions indicated by face diagnosis aren’t set in stone. They’re simply warning signs. You can heed these signs and make adjustments to protect your long-term health.

ARAVIBE FACIAL SCAN brings you Beauty form within, with the most advanced breakthroughs in the Integrative Beauty and Quantum Research.