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How it Works?

An exciting healing modality combining Gemstones, Light, Sound, the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine with the VENUS Technology. Acugems Facial RejuveTM unique anti-aging treatment  for facial rejuvenation works with the body's natural ability to heal and rejuvenate itself. The change occurs from within.

As we age, our bodies' systems naturally slow down. In our youth, skin cells are readily sloughed off and replaced with fresh, translucent cells approximately every 30 days. These cells are responsible for the glowing skin that we associate with youth and radiant health.

The Beauty of Oriental Medicine
There are two beneficial aspects to this treatment. One is a "root" treatment that is custom designed to address the issues of the patient by Dr. Aracely Plateroti specializing in Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation, with over 10 years experience. The root treatment regulates the flow of energy (qi) and removes blockages in the meridians (channels of qi and blood) to improve overall health and restore balance to the body. This constitutional treatment addresses underlying causes, like digestive problems, hormonal imbalance and emotional stress, which become reflected in the face through dark circles, dry or lusterless skin, sagging skin, drooping eyelids, blemishes and excessive wrinkling. In Oriental Medicine, this connection between our skin and internal organs is referred to as the viscero-cutaneous reflex.
The other is a local treatment, which directly affects facial appearance. Since many of the meridians begin or end on the face, there is an increase in circulation of blood, lymph, qi and facial muscle renewal to the face that aids in moistening and creating a radiant color and glow to the skin.

Most cosmetic treatments use very strong and invasive forms of stimulation that primarily act locally on the face--dermabrasion, peels, Botox, surgery, infra-red, intense milliamp current--all with various results.
Acugems Facial RejuveTM incorporates the healing properties of gemstones such as  emeralds, sapphires and tourmaline into the healing protocol of each patient. By using specific acupuncture points on the face,neck,and body, face is toned, collagen and elastin production increases and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and increased blood circulation and lymph clearing improves skin texture, eliminates puffiness and diminishes blemishes.

Additionally, when stimulating the acupuncture meridian system through the facial acu-points, the viscero-cutaneous reflex is also stimulated. This has a powerful effect on the homeostatic nature of the nervous, circulatory and hormonal systems, reducing stress, pain, menstrual symptoms, digestive irregularities, insomnia, fatigue and mood imbalances.

The beauty of using Acugems Facial Rejuve and VENUS technology is truly holistic: 'Bringing Love Back To Beauty'.

Western point of view on aging has to do with our body processes slowing down, dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin and become dry. The result is dull-looking skin that wrinkles more easily.

Also, the fat pad beneath the skin that shapes our face diminishes, along with the production of the elastin and collagen that plump up and anchor the skin to it. Gravity pulls the skin downward. The results are lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, drooping eyelids and jowls.

The dual anti-aging procedure offered by Acugems Facial Rejuve gently nudges the body's natural systems to assume their more youthful pace. As a result, circulation improves and collagen and elastin production increase. Cell replacement is more rapid. Sagging muscles are retrained to lift and tighten. The result is a natural, more youthful-looking appearance.

Acugems Facial RejuveTM  rejuve procedure melds the latest in advanced medical technology with the body's innate ability to restore a more youthful appearance. The natural beauty lying dormant beneath the surface of your skin is revealed.